16 June 2006

TODAY: 191st Anniversary of the Battle of Quatre-Bras

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Quatre-Bras that began at 1.30pm this afternoon (GMT) 191 years ago.

Source: London Gazette

K = Killed in Action
SW = Severely Wounded
W = Slightly Wounded

1/1st Guards
K: Ensign James Lord Hay, ADC to General Maitland

2/1st Guards
SW: Major Henry Askew (Colonel)
K: Lieutenant Thomas Brown (Captain)
SW: Lieutenant James Simpson (Captain)
K: Ensign S. S. P. Barrington
SW: Ensign George Fludyer
SW: Ensign Thomas Elmsly Croft

3/1st Guards
SW: Major the Honourable William Stewart (Colonel)
SW: Captain Honourable Horace G. Townsend (Lieutenant-Colonel)
SW: Captain William Miller (Lieutenant-Colonel) - since dead
K: Lieutenant Edward Grose (Captain)
SW: Lieutenant Robert Adair
SW: Lieutenant Thomas Streatfield (Captains)
SW: Ensign William Barton

3/1st Foot (Royal Scots)
W: Captain L. Arquimbeau (Major)
W: Captain Hugh Massey (Major)
K: Captain William Buckley
SW: Captain Robert Dudgeon
SW: Lieutenant William J. Rea
SW: Lieutenant J. N. Ingram
SW: Lieutenant William Clarke
W: Lieutenant R. H. Scott
W: Lieutenant Joseph Symes
K: Lieutenant John Armstrong
K: Lieutenant J. E. O'Neill

SW: Lieutenant James Mann
W: Lieutenant George Steward
W: Lieutenant James Alstone
K: Ensign J. G. Kennedy
K: Ensign Charles Graham
K: Ensign Alexander Robertson
SW: Adjutant Allan Cameron

28th Foot (North Gloucestershire)
SW: Captain William Irving (Major)
SW: Captain John Bowles
SW: Lieutenant William Irwin
W: Lieutenant John Coen

2/30th Foot (Cambridgeshire)
SW: Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Hamilton
SW: Lieutenant P. Lockwood

32nd Foot (Cornwall)
K: Captain Edward Whitty
SW: Captain Jacques Boyce - since dead
SW: Captain Thomas Cassan
SW: Captain John Crowe
W: Captain Charles Wallet
W: Captain William H. Toole
SW: Lieutenant George Barr
SW: Lieutenant John Boase
SW: Lieutenant James Fitzgerald
SW: Lieutenant Henry Quill
SW: Lieutenant Edward Stephens
W: Lieutenant H. W. Brookes
W: Lieutenant M. W. Meighen
W: Lieutenant S. H. Lawrence
W: Lieutenant Henry Butterworth
W: Lieutenant James Robertson,
W: Lieutenant Thomas Horan
SW: Ensign Charles Dallas
SW: Ensign A. Stewart
W: Ensign Henry Metcalfe
W: Ensign John Birtwhistle
W: Adjutant David Davis

33rd Foot (Yorkshire West Riding)
W: Major Edward Parkinson
K: Captain John Haigh
W: General Staff - Captain H. G. Macleod, Deputy Assistant-Quarter-Master-General
W: Captain William M'Intyre
SW: Lieutenant James Markland
SW: Lieutenant J. G. Ogle
SW: Lieutenant James Forlong
K: Lieutenant John Boyce
K: Lieutenant Arthur Gore
SW: Ensign John Alderson - right arm amputated
W: Ensign James Howard

42nd Foot (Royal Highland)
K: Lieutenant-Colonel Sir R. Macara, KCB
SW: Major R. H. Dick (Lieutenant-Colonel)
SW: Captain A. Menzies
SW: Captain George Davison
SW: Captain Donald M'Donald
SW: Captain Daniel M'Intosh
SW: Captain Robert Boyle
K: Lieutenant R. Gordon
SW: Lieutenant Duncan Stewart
SW: Lieutenant John Malcolm
SW: Lieutenant A. Dunbar
W: Lieutenant Donald Chisholm
W: Lieutenant Donald M'Kenzie
W: Lieutenant Hugh A. Fraser
K: Ensign W. Gerard
W: Ensign William Fraser
W: Adjutant James Young

43rd Foot (Regiment not present)
W: Lieutenant W. Havelock, ADC to Major-General Alten

2/44th Foot (East Essex)
W: Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Hamerton
SW: Captain John Jessop (Major), Assistant-Quarter-Master-General
SW: Captain Adam Burgh
SW: Captain David Power
SW: Captain William Burney
SW: Captain Mildmay Fane
K: Lieutenant William Tomkins
SW: Lieutenant Robert Russel
SW: Lieutenant Robert Grier
SW: Lieutenant W. B. Strong
SW: Lieutenant W. M. Hern
W: Lieutenant Alexander Campbell
W: Lieutenant James Burke
K: Ensign Peter Cooke
SW: Ensign James Christie
SW: Ensign B. Whitney,
SW: Ensign J. C. Webster
SW: Ensign A. Wilson

2/69th Foot (South Lincolnshire)
SW: Captain H. Linsey (Major)
K: Lieutenant Edward William Whitwick
SW: Lieutenant Brook Pigott
SW: Lieutenant John StewarT
SW: Lieutenant C. Busteed

2/73rd Foot (Highland)
SW: Captain J. Lloyd
SW: Lieutenant J. Acres, (since dead)
SW: Ensign Thomas Deacon
W: Ensign R. Hesselridge

79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders)
SW: Lieutenant-Colonel Neil Douglas
SW: Major A. Brown
SW: Major D. Cameron (Lieutenant-Colonel)
SW: Captain R. M'Kay - Missing
SW: Captain T. Mylne
SW: Captain W. Marshall
SW: Captain M. Fraser
SW: Captain W. Bruce
SW: Captain John Sinclair, (since dead)
W: Captain Neil Campbell
SW: Lieutenant Thomas Brown
SW: Lieutenant William Maddock
SW: Lieutenant W. Leaper
SW: Lieutenant James Fraser
SW: Lieutenant William A. Riach
W: Lieutenant D. M'Phee
SW: Ensign James Robertson
K: Adjutant J. Kynock
SW: Volunteer Cameron

92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders)
SW: Lieutenant-Colonel John Cameron (Colonel) - since dead
SW: Major James Mitchell (Lieutenant-Colonel)
K: Captain William Little

SW: Captain George W. Holmes
SW: Captain Dugald Campbell
SW: Captain William C. Grant
K: Lieutenant J. J. Chisholm
SW: Lieutenant Thomas Hobbs
SW: Lieutenant Thomas M'Intosh
SW: Lieutenant Robert Winchester
SW: Lieutenant Donald M'Donnell
SW: Lieutenant George Logan
SW: Lieutenant John M'Kinlay
SW: Lieutenant George Mackie
SW: Lieutenant Alexander M'Pherson
SW: Lieutenant Ewen Ross
W: Lieutenant James Kerr Ross
W: Lieutenant Hector M'Innes
K: First Lieutenant William Lister
SW: Ensign Angus M'Donald
SW: Ensign Robert Hewett
K: Ensign Abel Becher
K: Ensign John M. R. Macpherson
W: Ensign Robert Logan
W: Assistant-Surgeon John Stewart

95th Foot (Rifles)
SW: Captain Charles Smyth (Major), Brigade-Major - since dead
W: Captain Lagnton, acting ADC to Sir T. Picton
SW: First Lieutenant J. P. Gardiner
SW: First Lieutenant John G. Fitzmorris
W: First Lieutenant Felix
SW: Second Lieutenant W. Shenley

Royal Artillery
SW: Lieutenant William de Goebu - since dead

King's German Legion
SW: Lieutenant Henry Hartmann


Verden Landwehr Battalion
W: Captain Witzendorff
K: Lieutenant Wegener
W: Lieutenant Hinuber
W: Ensign State - missing
W: Ensign Hotzebu – missing

L√ľneberg Landwehr Battalion
W: Captain Reicke
W: Lieutenant Dapue

Osterode Landwehr Battalion
K: Lieutenant Janish

Bremen Field Battalion
SW: Captain Bessalde

1st (Duke of York) Field Battalion
SW: Lieutenant Mahrenhely
SW: Ensign Rabors

Grubenhagen Field Battalion
SW: Lieutenant Westphal
W: Lieutenant Marwedel
SW: Ensign Ernest
W: Ensign Bulow

Lunenberg Field Battalion
SW: Captain Corsier - missing
SW: Lieutenant Volger
SW: Ensign De Weyne
SW: Ensign Sachase

London Gazette

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