7 June 2006


The Wargame and Uniform plates featured on this site have been created using the following source material.

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Tom David said...

Hello, we have the following of the below. A painting on ivory and 2 of his British Red Coat uniforms. Any additional verbiage you could provide to this biography would be greatly appreciated.

Tom David

Collection item 4014
Captain John Haigh

Bonn Yorkshire, England, Sept, 5th 1759, Surrendered with Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1782, (The uniform in this picture is not the uniform he was wearing then) Married to Ann Sothern, Dec 25th, 1787, at Windsor, England.

Captain in the 33rd Regiment, British Infantry, and served in the Tippoo Sahib campaign, India, in 1799. His regiment was commanded by Sir Arthur Wellesley, Later the Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo.

The Captain returned from India, April 7, 1807 after 12 years in India. Came to live in America April, 1821, and settled Espy, PA. He died at Bloomsburg, PA., Feb 26, 1824, and was buried in the Episcopal Churchyard there.

In 1884, his bones were placed in the Restvale Cemetery, Seneca Falls, NY at the request of his Great-granddaughter Mrs. James M Knapp.