11 March 2006


As you can see, I've begun posting "Wargame Plates" for the French units present at the Battle of Les Quatre-Bras. I've added a basic overview of the uniforms worn by each unit (thanks to Alexis Cabaret's equisite artwork) which, on reflection, bring the plates to life...well that's what I think. Just in case I'm asked, I will be producing detailed "FACT SHEETS" for units present, covering uniforms in detail, so do not fear.

I'm also updating the Anglo-Allied Wargame Plates with uniform guides so I advise you check all of them. Finally, for alerts to any new posts on my blog or if you wish to send me your comments, go to my Quatre-Bras Yahoo Forum.

BATTLEGAMES - Magazine for Wargamers
A new wargaming magazine has just been launched in the UK. For details please visit Battlegames web site. I'll post a review once I get my hands on it.

Have a great weekend and remember...it's little over a month until SALUTE ZERO SIX at the ExCel in London. Hope to see you there!


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