14 March 2006


For those of you who didn't know, it gives me enormous pleasure to announce the forthcoming publication of Mike Robinson's book, "The Battle of Quatre-Bras 1815" (Spellmount Publishers Limited) – it’s about time this largely forgotten but highly significant battle was put into print. Not only can I inform you that it is expected to be in bookshops by the beginning of 2007 but I managed to speak with the author yesterday and from my incessant line of questioning, I truly believe that it will be a highly valuable addition to any Napoleonic enthusiasts’ library.

The book will certainly be the first and only English language work to focus specifically on the battle, and he modestly informs me, it will provide a unique account founded on a wealth of primary source material, largely based on eye-witness accounts, unpublished documents and other material from all the participating nations. Based on years of exhaustive research, it challenges long-held assumptions and brings the battle to life in a dramatic, human style with detailed maps showing how the battle unfolded. To highlight his efforts, he even enrolled the help of the Royal Engineers to survey the entire battlefield and using eyewitness accounts has been able to plot exactly what crops were being grown and where thus giving the reader an incite into the field of vision of opposing armies on the day.

He’s even sourced a vast wealth of archaeological data from professional battlefield archaeologists who have found, itemised and pinpointed the exact location of regimental artefacts found on the battlefield which has enabled him to corroborate and pinpoint the exact locations of all the units present and build a unique series of maps detailing the movement of units on that fateful day – manner to my ears.

I will end by saying that I hope to secure a more constructive interview with Mike Robinson in the very near future in order to give you a detailed insight into the painstaking efforts behind this exciting read, coupled with an overview of its’ exact contents – so watch this space.


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