14 February 2006

UPDATE: Moll's Battery, Brunswick FA

General de Brigade Fact Sheet: Battle of Quatre-Bras

The Brunswick artillery up to 1809 was supplied by the Austrians but left behind when they were evacuated to England. During their time in British service they had no artillery until 1814 when the Brunswick artillery was reformed using French equipment bought from captured ordnance after the Battle of Leipzig (16 October 1813) – incidentally the largest conflict in the Napoleonic Wars and the most decisive defeat suffered by Napoleon Bonaparte before the Battle of Waterloo.

Many historians state they were equipped with French / Westphalian ordnance during the Waterloo campaign, especially as Brunswick was a French satellite until Napoleon’s abdication on 6 April 1814. Yet some Waterloo commentators believe, that similar to the French army of 1944 where most equipment was supplied by the Americans, the Brunswickers were similarly supplied with British ordnance. The best answer to the wargamer is possibly a mix of both French 6-pounders and British 6-pounders (see updated "Fact Sheet") assuming that some of the Brunswicker's French ordnance has been replaced through damage, i.e. an axle breaking etc.

[Author's note: Make I thank Cliff for pointing this out to me on my Yahoo Forum and thanks go to comments posted on The Miniature World of Joe Videki.]

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