15 February 2006



Before immersing myself too deeply in this somewhat daunting project, I have decided to hone the design templates for each FACT SHEET depicting infantry, cavalry & artillery units present at the "Battle of Quatre-Bras" - practice makes perfect!

In essence, these fact sheets are designed as a "useful aid" for any Napoleonic enthusiast wishing to build a specific unit (company, batallion, regiment or battery) for display or wargaming according to my rules set of choice - David Brown's excellent , General de Brigade where 1 figure = 20 men.

All future fact sheets will be designed to provide detailed basing instructions according to the relevant unit's troop strength at the battle and feature a painting guide using the exquisite uniform designs of Alexis Cabaret. My wish is that they become a useful resource to Napoleonic painters & wargamers alike and helpful tool when purchasing miniatures; basing them more accurately and ultimately painting them.

Ahead of me, lies a momentous task and will gladly put all my effort into. I have 60 Anglo-Allied and 30 French Fact Sheets to build - and hope to produce them comparatively quickly once I'm happy with the layout and design for each infantry, cavalry, artillery & command (Division & Brigade) template.

I have posted my new template for an Infantry Regiment below, and you’ll immediately notice that I have removed it’s "Action Summary" on the battlefield. Firstly, because I want more space to show the formations of the unit and their uniforms and secondly, there are enough books out their about the battle as well as the rules set. I will continue to give an overview of the unit’s involvement at Quatre-Bras but will place it directly below each fact sheet & on my blog instead.

What I would appreciate is any constructive criticism about this draft below and what one would like to see? So before I begin in earnest on other infantry regiments at the battle, I’d like to hear your comments.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Generale de Brigade Unit Fact Sheet "Design Template"


Simon Millar said...


If one was purely a wargamer the revised design is very good. It gives uniform details and illustrates the various formations used.

The thing is the formation detals will be the same for the majority of the British infantry battalions. A lot of repetition.

My suggestion would be to produce a generic basing guide/formation guide. This would enable you to use the fact sheet to get across more historical information eg the illustration of the coys of a Bn in line. (To those who do not know it shows where they were positioned)

I do like the uniform 'window' in the revised design and perhaps that could be incorporated into your final version.

Not too sure about listing all the Battle Honours.

Well that is my thruppence ha'penny worth!


Anonymous said...

JC, I like more the previous style with some unit history and less basing info...Nevertheless, whichever way you decide to go, these are brilliant!