30 January 2006


Featuring Eureka 18mm Napoleonic French Infantry

I have just finished painting some 18mm Post-1812 Napoleonic French Infantry recently released by Eureka (superbly sculpted by Alan Marsh) - see release.

Here are a couple for now but check back soon as I'll be posting a load more pix of my first completed 18mm French battalion ~ 1e Battalion 72e Ligne Regiment ~ that fought at Quatre-Bras but here are a couple for now. Strangely enough, I found them as challenging to paint as 25-28mm figures basically because I am into fine detail - if only I could be less fussy.

And just in case you're all wondering what the hell those things are on thier bayonets...well, its a couple of loaves of bread and 2 shoulders of pork - hey an army needs to eat! Seriously, many soldiers marched with food suppliers skewered on their bayonets as they had no room to put it anywhere else. I have a line drawing of such an infantryman in an old book on the Imperial Guard if anyone is interested in my source. Anyway, nothing beats a dash of detail to complete the ensemble and as I've seen no other painter do such a thing, maybe I'll start a trend though I'm not sure how this battalion would fair in a bayonet charge against the Brits?

What I can say is they look pretty good from a distance but like my 28mm pix, I will allow you to scrutinise my paintwork close-up and in all their unflattering detail - so be kind, please!

I'll post a full article on Eureka's 18mm figures and more pix shortly and for those of you who wish to leave a comment or two, I've sorted my settings to allow anyone to comment.



Roly (aka "Arteis") said...

Excellent work! I am very impressed. Your 18mm figures look better painted than my 28s! Your work is of a very high standard indeed, well up there with some of those top names you have listed in your links. And your horses in particular are some of the nicest I have ever seen (I love the lathering on the 28mm cuirassier's horse).

Roly Hermans (aka "Arteis"):

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Anonymous said...

Great job! I am contemplating starting my own 15-18mm project for the General de Brigade rules. I have hundreds of unpainted Old Glory British. I will look forward to more of this project as Quatre-Bras is one of my favorite battles.

Clarence Harrison
Quindia Studios