29 January 2006

COMING SOON - French OOB at Quatre-Bras

Coming in February:
OOB for The Battle of Quatre-Bras, 16 June 1815
Part 1: French Army

I plan to post an extensively researched Order of Battle (OOB) for The Battle of Quatre-Bras. I have chosen this specific battle for two reasons, firstly as the title of my blog suggests, I am a fan of Napoleon’s 100 Days campaign and secondly, the number of troops present on the battlefield was far smaller than at Ligny or Waterloo and, lends itself to brigade level wargaming using my favourite Napoleonic rules set – David Brown’s General de Brigade (2nd Edition).

I am building opposing armies using the fabulous new 18mm Napoleonic range from Eureka Miniatures (Australia) and, where applicable, AB Miniatures 15mm Napoleonic range (NB: on 1st March 2006 Eureka Miniatures will become the sole World-Wide manufacturer of AB Figures’ 15mm Napoleonic, ACW and Ancients ranges - see release). As AB miniatures don't cover the 1815 period, my fingers are crossed that Eureka decide to add to their 1815 range!

In the meantime, here are a couple of sample pages from Part 1, the French OOB at The Battle of Quatre-Bras detailing basing guidelines for infantry battalions, artillery & cavalry regiments and commanders using GdeB rules set.

OOB Battle of Quatre-Bras - Part 1 French
Plate 3 French Command

Click on plate to view full-size image

OOB Battle of Quatre-Bras - Part 1 French
Plate 7 Imperial Guard - Light Cavalry Division

OOB Battle of Quatre-Bras - Part 1 French
Plate 8 II Corps - 9th Infantry Division

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