6 December 2007

JC's Workbench

Old Glory 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures (from Battle Honours)
Yes, I'm back painting again - shock horror! The photos below are of the squadron of Polish Lancers at Quatre Bras (1ère Chevaux-Légers Lanciers de la Garde) under
Chef d'Escadron Major Jean-Paul Jerzmanowski. I bought these Old Glory 15mm Napoleonic miniatures from Battle Honours and have agreed with the owner Adrian "Ade" Deacon to display them in his shop window for all to see. Hopefully these quick pix taken with a Nikon Coolpix 7.1 will give you an idea of the detail involved. The virtually finished lancer by the 20p coin has taken about two hours to paint (including horse) along with a very steady hand. The Old Glory figures arrived without a right sided epaulette so I made one out of green stuff. You'll notice that I am yet to apply corneas to the whites of their eyes (I am mad) but will shortly. In fact, I am aiming to complete the squadron by Christmas and take them over to Battle Honours to show in their shop window before starting on my next unit. In fact, I am keen to compare Battle Honours 15mm Naps with Old Glorys.

28mm French Line Infantry Battalion (Perry Miniatures)
My next post will be another a battalion of line infantry at Quatre Bras from those superb sculptors, Perry Miniatures. Here's a taster....and yes, that is a loaf of bread on his bayonet and a straw of barley in his mouth (nothing beats a splash of detail).

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