15 January 2007

Happy New Year & Waterloo The Movie!

Contrary to popular belief, JC is most definitely alive and kicking (or should I say painting). May I thank all of you who continue to use my blog as a Napoleonic resource and especially those who have emailed me with their positive comments and support. I've been working on upgrading my blog to a full navigable web site to allow for better browsing etc.

Waterloo - The Movie
I can also announce the formal start of my aim to produce a new feature-length film of the 100 days culminating in the Battle of Waterloo. Though eight and half years from the 200th anniversary of the World's most famous land battle, there is a script to build (based around the real life accounts of French, Anglo-Allied and Prussian soldiers). Rather than pro-actively go and source useful partners in this brave venture, I plan to use my blog to generate the talent that I know is out there. So if you feel you have the qualities, expertise or $100m to spare then do get in touch with a full CV.



Anonymous said...

Please contact me via the Private Message system on either the General De Brigade forum or the WD3 forum.



I have some useful contacts that might be of help with your film, particularly the early script writing.

Ronan the Librarian

Anonymous said...

Get in touch with the Perry twins, JC. They have links to Peter Jackson. And PJ is known to have been inspired into film-making by watching the original "Waterloo" movie as a child.

Roly (aka "Arteis")