2 May 2006

BATTLE MAP PLATE - Quatre-Bras 2pm (2nd Update)

I have updated (for the second and last time) the first in a series of "Battle Maps" in order to more realistically represent units and their frontages, i.e.
- French battalion in column attack (2 company front) had a frontage of 45 metres
- French battalion in line (6 company front) had a frontage of 125 metres
- British Regiment in (quarter) column - 20 metre frontage / 48m depth

- British Regiment in Line - 210m frontage

Plate: BM-QB-1
~ Battle of Quatre-Bras @ 2pm ~
Sources: Waterloo 1815 Quatre-Bras & Ligny, Peter Hofschröer
1815 The Waterloo Campaign (Wellington, his German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre-Bras), Peter Hofschröer
Waterloo, Commandent Lachouque
Waterloo - Battle of Three Armies, William Seymour, Eberhard, Kaullbach & Jacques Champagne
An Historical Sketch of the Campaign of 1815, Illustrated by Plans of the Operations and of the Battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo, Robert Batty

IMPORTANT: If anyone does spot a glaring error, please email me direct at j.cutting1@btinternet.com and I will re-edit the plate.

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