2 April 2006


After a break of several months, I have finally picked up the ol' paintbrush, in between producing my "uniform guides", which I’ve NOT forgotten about. I’ve decided to enter the Salute Painting Competition and so, bought myself some 28mm Brunswick Uhlans from Perry Miniatures last week; giving myself little under three weeks to paint the darn things - a daunting task - and I plan to post photos, over the next 20 days, charting my progress. For updates and posting any comments join my Yahoo Quatre-Bras Forum.

Yesterday, I began by removing all the flash on each horse (three poses) before painting them with a primary coat of Humbrol "Matt Black" thinned slightly so as not to lose any detail. I allowed them to dry overnight and today, added a second coat of black, this time using acrylic paint so as to remove any trace of sheen from the primary matt black coat. As I've not painted since early January (the 18mm Eureka minis - see gallery), I've painted one horse virtually to finish (see photos) using my cuirasier as a reminder. I've also used the excellent "Painted Horse Gallery" (see my links) as inspiration and a guide, choosing to paint the first light cavalry horse a "Bay", which I'm quite pleased as a first attempt - though I have a few finishing touches still to do.

The photos today show my rather messy workbench conveniently located in my conservatory providing tons of natural light. I'll post further photos over the next 20 days charting my progress.

Photo 1: My workbench (Click on the image to view)

Photo 2: The Twelve Light Cavalry Horse - one nearly finished

Photo 3: One hot & sweaty close-up

Photo 4: My cuirasier (see my Gallery) and upainted Uhlan

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