30 March 2006

SALUTE ZERO SIX @ ExCel - Sat 26 April

Saturday 22nd April 2006
@ The ExCel Centre, London
Doors Open 10am – 5pm
Tickets on the door: £8
For full details, floor plan, list of traders, competitions etc. visit the South London Warlords web site.

Has a year gone by that quickly! SALUTE is nearly upon us, brilliantly organised & hosted by John Treadway and his South London Warlords Wargamers. It has now become one of the most eagerly awaited wargaming exhibitions in the calendar (official press release below) covering a wide variety of gaming genres. Yes, I will definitely be visiting and am looking forward to putting some names to faces.

Kevin Dallimore will be exhibiting his painting skils and I’m reliably informed that David Brown, Author of General de Brigade will be hosting a live Napoleonic wargame – the Battle of Waterloo to be precise! As for stands to visit..well top of my list will be Perry Miniatures and their brilliantly sculpted 28mm figures as well as Ian Marsh's Fighting 15's! Here's just a few of the many stands featuring Napoleonic miniatures...

Baccus Stand (6mm) – Stand T321
Battle Honours Bicorne (15mm, 25mm)- T124
Bicourne Miniatures (25mm) – T302
Essex Miniatures (15mm) – T427
Fighting 15s (15mm Eureka & AB miniatures) – T236
Foundry (28mm) – T224
Front Rank Figurines (25mm) – T234
HLBS (40mm) – T504
Old Glory – T509
Perry Miniatures – T324

I plan to enter some of my painted miniatures in the “Salute Painting Competition” so for those of you wishing to view my work close-up and in detail, go to the “Painting Competition Stand”. For those who wish to have a chat and a pint then email me at
j.cutting1@btinternet.com and I’ll see if I can meet you. For those abroad and unable to attend, I’ll be posting a host of photos especially the painted miniatures on display.

Advance tickets close tomorrow, but don’t worry tickets are available at the door price £8. Furthermore, despite a queue last year that beggared belief, do NOT panic! Once the doors open, everyone is ushered in pretty smartly.

It only remains for me to wish John and his team a hearty GOOD LUCK!



Martin said...

Hi JC,

Hopefully we'll be able to meet up at last. I purchased my Apex train fare up from the West last weekend. Much, much cheaper than buying a ticket on the day and always the point at which I start my countdown to Salute.

What figures are you planning to enter in the painting comp? I'll come and cheer them on!

Giles said...

I find the advance ticket queue is usually longer than the "on the door" queue....

Giles said...

Also, was it last year or the year before last that the painting table collapsed and everyone's entries fell on the floor?! I'm sure it won't happen again, but it's still preventing me from entering....