23 March 2006


This is hard work - especially on the eyes ! Well, I've just got QB-F-01 (Ney's command base) to go then I plan to revisit every Anglo-Allied Wargame Plate adding uniform guidelines etc. so I advise you check my blog regularly. Finally, I'll compile an Anglo-Allied OOB plate (similar to the French OOB) and then dive back into painting (about time) beginning with a detailed step-by-step guide to painting a 28mm Napoleonic horse.

To all new readers of my blog, you'll find links to all my "Wargame Plates" in the Menu halfway down the right-hand side.

Once again, to receive advance noticification of forthcoming posts as well as chatting with me and other fans of the 1815 Campaign, may I recommend you join my "Quatre-Bras" Yahoo Forum". And to Uri, I hope you one day find a way to upload your Nap photos onto the forum - good luck!

Keep the comments coming and spread the word.


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