22 March 2006


To those of you interested in the Battle of Quatre-Bras and recreating it in miniature, can I recommend you join my Quatre-Bras Yahoo Forum. I post advanced notices on any new postings on this site and will answer any questions relating to my plates and the battle. The Forum is there for you to exchange views, opinions, and discuss the battle in more detail as well as allowing wargamers to post recent examples of their paintwork. Click on the Yahoo icon in my menu on the right to join. I look forward to hearing your comments.

30,000 PAGE VIEWS & 8,000 VISITORS in 46 DAYS
I'm amazed at the interest my little blog as garnered in little under seven weeks or 46 days since it was launcheded. I added an interestering little gizmo to the site from "Cluster Maps" on 13 February that records the location of every unique user entering the site. If you click on the MAP at the bottom of my links menu, you can see where readers are coming from - represented by red circles on the map of the World - toys for the boys!

Do spread the word and all links are very welcome.


Photo: 18mm French Grenadier (1815) with loaf of bread painted by JC [Eureka Miniatures]

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