27 February 2006


The Brunswickers were follow shortly then the French. Please post any comments on my YAHOO QUATRE-BRAS FORUM. To view photos of miniatures, go to my gallery. Thanks.

UPDATE: I will be updating all the plates by adding the recommended formation for each unit thus helping you select the correct poses for the miniatures you buy, i.e. certain regiments were in square formation others in skirmish order.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you really need to "recommend" poses and formations. Don't forget the mechanics of a wargame: unless you are planning a blow-by-blow simulation of Quatre Bras some units that ended up in square on the day may not do so in a wargame (and vice versa). British regiments didn't march around in square, but adapted that defensive formation when confronted by cavalry; it will look odd if the British regiments are in square throughout the game for no apparent reason and the players may get confused when calculating modifiers etc.

Further, the reality is that those units that deployed in both close order and skirmish/open order will need to be doubled-up. Light (or line) regiments can use the "grande bandes" rules in GdB, which obviates the need to have additional skirmish-based figures to some extent. But for the Brits, for example, and probably the Dutch-Belgians too, the flank companies will need to be based in both close order and skirmish order so they can be used as the need arises.

That said, pose-choice is always a thorny (and quite personal) issue and it would be interesting to see what you come up with.