13 February 2006

Bataljon Jägers No.27 (Dutch)

General de Brigade Fact Sheet: Battle of Quatre-Bras
[Version 1 - Based in Close Order]

[Version 2 - Based for Skirmishing]

Uniform: Bataljon Jägers Centre Company
Uniform: Bataljon Jägers Flank Company
About the Bataljon Jägers No.27 (Dutch)
Organisation of the Army of the Netherlands in 1815

Netherlands OOB - 2e Nederlandische Divisie
General de Brigade Rules

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Anonymous said...

Hi JC,

the 27th Jagers wore black leatherwork, best see the sites of the re-enactors of the 27th and Hans Boersma's article on it.

all the best,
Bas de Groot