11 February 2006

FINALLY - The Nafziger OOBs for Quatre-Bras!

I have finally got my hands on the Nafziger OOB for Quatre-Bras.


For those who do'nt know, the "Nafziger Collection" is designed for wargamers, and offers an extensive collection of military history and, for the Napoleonic enthusiast, definitive orders of battle from 1800 to 1815, which you have to pay for!

I have got my hands on:

815FBC: Allied Forces at Quatre-Bras, 16 June 1815 - 2 pgs
815FBD: French Forces at Quatre-Bras, 16 June 1815 - 2 pgs

...giving me precise troop strengths for Anglo-Allied and French units PRIOR to the Battle of Quatre-Bras (& obviously the Battle of Waterloo). I've posted a list of Anglo-Allied unit strengths on my "Yahoo Battle of Quatre-Bras" forum for those interested and you'll instantly notice that they are v. different from all the OOBs for Waterloo.

As a result, I've updated the 1/28 Foot Fact sheet on my Quatre-Bras blog and can now fire into all the others. God only knows when I'll have a chance to paint! One thing I believe Nafzinger has wrong are the arrival times for the Anglo-Allied reinforcements so I'll post details of these from the research I've done from the countless number of books on the Campaign.

If you want to post any useful comments, then do join my Forum. Have a great weekend everyone.


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